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Friday, August 13, 2010

Converting Hair to TES4

     After 3 weeks of hell. I finally manage to perfect it and got it to work. But not after what 3 weeks of re-reading the tutorials. 2 were in English and 1 was in another language. Living on coffee and cigarettes, failing like 30 times, almost pulling my hair out, running around the neighborhood in my undies screaming mad. Well, not the last part =P I almost gave up.

     The 2 tutorials that were in English were somewhat helpful but, not much. Only 1 of them explains how to convert the new texture. But the the explanation wasn't very clear, at least for me it wasn't. So, I was basically stuck with rigging the mesh with Ren's and use Ren's texture. Well, somewhere along learning to do that, the 3rd tutorial which wasn't even in English, explained very well on how to extract and use the new texture. So, I try to do a Mickey Mouse job of using Kogan's guide of rigging Ren's mesh onto the new mesh and convert the texture path in Nifskope with the new texure I just learned to convert.

     Almost worked but, the textures wouldn't settle in with the mesh well. Had lighting problems everywhere. Another thing the mesh edges weren't smoothed out. So it looked blocky and ugly :( And plus the dam hair wouldn't set in on top of the head when I finally got it in the game. It was sitting under the chin :O At that time I didn't know how to scale, and move the mesh in Nifskope so I was like WTF! That's when I almost gave up. I was forced to re-read through the last tutorial which was in Korean, and viola! It worked to perfection. Well, almost because I still didn't scale it right in blender and it came out a little bit off. Lot of clipping. A few more tries later and learing how to scale directionally in blender I finally got it to where it's pretty darn good with minimal clipping.

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